Photo of Jessica Creech Williams
Photo of Jessica Creech Williams

A Driven Criminal Defense Attorney Known For Affordable, High-Level Service

We defend North Carolinians against traffic offenses and all other criminal law cases, from misdemeanors to felonies.

Serving Eastern North Carolina For 30 Years

Our Practice Areas

Photo of Jessica Creech Williams

Offering A Range Of Services To Clients In Nash And Edgecombe Counties

Although we are known primarily for taking on traffic offenses and criminal law cases, we also assist people in our community with a wide range of other legal issues. Our family law services include uncontested divorces and estate planning services such as drafting wills, trusts and power of attorney documents. We are also involved in landlord-tenant law, small-business planning and more.

Attorney Jessica Creech Williams was the co-owner of a general contracting business. This experience enhances our firm’s familiarity with the varied legal issues that can arise in industry. It also gives us insight into how legal issues impact day-to-day operations and the importance of resolving these problems as quickly as possible.

Dedicated To Resolving Your Legal Issues

At Jessica Creech Williams, Attorney, PLLC, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly resolve traffic offenses and criminal cases without cutting corners. We work hard to minimize the impact of your charges. With 30 years of experience in the Nash and Edgecombe County courts, we have developed strong working relationships with court clerks, judges and the district attorney. These relationships help us keep cases moving and avoid delays in the process.

We keep our clients involved and informed as their cases progress, promptly returning phone calls and emails. To make sure we can help as many clients as possible, we offer competitive fees. We also advise our clients up front on the expected fees and costs associated with their charge.

Photo of Jessica Creech Williams

License Restoration Services For North Carolina Drivers

We have helped hundreds of people from across the state restore their driver’s licenses. Whether you are appealing a recent suspension or beginning the reinstatement process at the end of your suspension, we can guide you through the process of getting your driving privileges restored. Our legal team will help you prepare for your hearing, ensure that all fees are paid and make sure any additional requirements are taken care of for you.


P. Sheats

“Received a speeding citation and hired Jessica to help. Her office is efficient and professional, and she got the outcome I was aiming for! Everything you could possibly want in a lawyer!”

K. Patel

“I called Ms. Williams’ office for legal aid. I was impressed with the receptionist, and my call was returned with useful information to help take the next step.”

C. Shropshire

“Efficient, helpful and very polite staff.”

T. Brown

“Jessica Williams surpassed my expectations. She represented me for a citation while maintaining eligibility for license reinstatement at the North Carolina DMV. She also provided representation at my DMV hearing, and my driving privileges were reinstated that day. It is a good idea to have Ms. Williams on your side. She has years of practice, knowledge, and integrity that truly make a difference between a favorable outcome and a horrible experience. I highly recommend Jessica for all legal issues you may face.”

A. Bradley

“Awesome! My forgetful lead foot self missed my court date. I am a procrastinator, but finally hired Jessica. Despite being late, Jessica handled my tickets at NO additional fee!! Sherry runs that office with ninja efficiency. I have Jessica on speed dial. Thanks a bunch!!”

S. Mazeb

“One of the finest lawyers.”

L. Harrington

“I have been a client of Jessica’s for 25-30 years. I wouldn’t choose any other attorney, and I won’t hire anyone else. Any problems I have, she has been able to solve. There are other attorneys out there, but no one as good as Jessica Williams!”

T. Sullivan

“Jessica Williams was professional and economical in quickly resolving my traffic offense. I highly recommend this firm to reconcile your legal needs.”

C. Adcock

“I have known Jessica Williams for 32 years and she has always done the best for my family and me. Sherry and Mikala are the ladies in the office and they are amazing! I would never think of going anywhere else. If you ever have any legal trouble, go see ‘em!”